Monday, December 8, 2008

Fingers Crossed!

So I had a phone interview today with an organization that sounds right up my ally. Can I just say how much I HATE phone interviews? Despite the fact that, yes, I am a female, I absolutely hate speaking on the phone. Probably a reason the whole journalist thing isn't working out.

In person, I can woo anyone, seriously. I'm a great networker, I can share jokes with the guys and flatter the ladies. There hasn't been a conference yet, where I haven't made new friends or an in-person interview where I didn't get a second interview.

But on the phone, I'm terrible. I like reading faces, I like imitating body movements, I like using all the little communication tricks I learned in all my gazillion classes in undergrad. On the phone, most of that is impossible and it makes me nervous.

I studied for a few hours yesterday, writing out possible questions and answers and they fell in line with most the interview today. But I zoomed right through it, thinking maybe I spoke too fast, but I have no idea, because I couldn't see the notetaker on the other line! Did she record it? I freaking hope so because I highly doubt a HR person knows what proofing a blueline means.

Wish me luck guys! I need it!


SSQuo said...

Yes, in person interviews are really great, you can feed off the interviewer and also tweak your answer if you are observant enough. A grimace is hardly recognizable by phone!

Good luck, keep us posted.

Valinora Troy said...

I think it's impossible to judge how you perform at interview (a bit like judging your writing - I can't do it either!), but I agree that phone interviews are so much worse. I've only had to do one but it was pretty stressful - would I hear the person, would I drop the receiver, would I jsut babble on cos I couldn't see them...

Best of luck anyway, it's great to get as far as a phone interview, and hopefully you'll hear good news soon!