Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can't sleep... well at night

Oy. Why is it every time I come close to thinking I can make it in the publishing industry I start having panic attacks?

I have an interview on Friday for an editor position that seems kind of interesting at an organization that I might actually care about. So what happens last night before I go to bed? I start to realize how much I really hate grad school, and how everyone else in my class seems to hate it too, but they still love how they're learning. I don't feel as though I'm learning. No, I'm barely getting by with Bs in order to graduate.

For instance, we had a project due this week that most of the people in my class have been working on for week. Me? I did it in like two days with many, many breaks. These projects are now being posted online and mine looks something like a grade-schooler's compared to everyone else.

Knowing this, I begin to doubt my ability to do the job I'm interviewing for with any real ability. Do I really care about the publishing industry?

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