Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MORE Coffee, LESS Coffee Shops

After years and years of forced Catholicism through the coercion of a parochial-school upbringing, I pretty much gave up on organized religion. However, for some reason I can't stop doing the whole "Lent" thing. I often get a lot of guff from my friends about this. "You don't go to church, so why give something up?" Well, because I like the idea of practicing a little discipline.

For years I gave up meat for all 40 days, but with all the vegetarian choices these days it wasn't really all that hard the last couple of years. So this year, I took a deep look at myself, my vices, and decided I really needed to stop spending so much money on coffee.

This does NOT mean I gave up coffee. I'm a writer, don't' you want me to write? I need coffee like a 1950s beat reporter needs their Jack Daniels. It's what gets me through. But let's face it, good luck finding a shop that doesn't sell coffee produced on some sacred mountain in an all-organic country blessed by monks. Buying coffee at coffee shops is freaking expensive.

So, for 40 days, a man named Maxwell is my new best friend. I'm only drinking the stuff I make at home. Well... that is causing a whole new problem on its own. I'm now drinking like six cups instead of two. I have no idea what my deal is with this. I'm hyper as hell. I'm bouncing off the walls of apartment. I'm driving the bf nuts, considering we have a studio so there's not a whole lot of room to bounce.

Plus now, I'm doing all my homework, job-searching, and Internet cruising at home. Not nearly as productive. I could go to the library, but they're way too quiet for my taste. So here I sit at my little corner of the apartment next to the fridge with my fourth cup of burnt coffee.

Thanks for listening to my caffeine-infused babbling on.

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