Friday, November 14, 2008

Comfort Food and Dreary Days

I have a problem.

So for the past six or seven months, I've been doing really well. I used to be a bad eater. I skipped breakfast and drank two cups of coffee to get through my morning, I got cheesy, mayo-drenched sandwiches for lunch from local delis, and dinner usually consisted of quesadillas (a.k.a. slice of Kraft cheese, salsa from a jar and tortilla from a bag).

Then, in the middle of my life change, I asked my fitness nut boyfriend for some help. So in July I started eating healthier and seriously felt better. I drank tea instead of coffee. I ate oatmeal every morning. I skipped all the bad co-worker lunches and started bringing my own. Usually leftover protein and vegetables from the night before.

However, this was summer and fall. Now that winter is coming, it's becoming a challenge. It's cold, it's foggy, it's rainy, and soon it will be icy and snowy. Ugh! So now my cravings are back! I want coffee, I want hot chocolate, I want warm, filling cheesy goodness. I've been giving into the leftover Halloween bowl at the office. I've been getting Starbucks' before my Thursday classes. And I've been eating sandwiches... with cheese!

I haven't gained weight back yet, but I know it's coming. Anyone have any advice for the winter eating blues?


Laura Jayne said...

No... no advice... but will be checking back as I could use some as well. It gets cold (well not so cold in Southern California, but still) and dark, comfort foods call to me like a sirens song.

Inching Past Quarterlife said...

Thanks laura jayne! It always helps to know you're not alone!